Boomtown’s carnival-inspired district, Barrio Loco, presents what organisers proudly describe as: “a cornucopia of global culture with a musical soundtrack perfectly complementing the vibrancy  of its interweaving streets!”

Taking the best in alternative bass, no part of underground culture is left behind; from house to techno, funky to bashment, trance to soca, everything is celebrated in this ‘landscape of colour’.

As well as being home to some of the most influential artists in the UK’s party scene, Bassline Circus will be filling the Barrio Loco district with a multi-dimensional theatrical experience to provide all who travel through it with a fully immersive experience.

The main stage for Barrio Loco, Vamos, celebrates global dance culture –spearheaded by house/techno innovators, Ben UFO, Mr Scruff & Jay Orbison, who will be collaborating on an epic five-and-a-half hour back-to-back session.

Legendary Detroit techno DJ Carl Craig will be blending jazz and soul selections, and classics are on the cards, with respected techno producer Dave Clarke alongside Booka Shade, who will be driving footwork from front to back with their infectiously melodic minimal house music.

House Gospel Choir’s unique take on old school classics takes funky house, garage and bass sounds to new heights and promises to be an unmissable set.

Taking some of the best in underground electronica to the masses, BBC Radio 1/1Xtra DJ Monki will be shelling out bangers, Dusky’s classical inspired techno raises production to a mesmerizing level, and the duo that us Solardo’s explosive sets guarantee energy.

Around the corner is this district’s other main stage, Poco Loco. This area showcases the incredible versatility of live hip hop with a kaleidoscope of unique artists, headlined by newcomer Loyle Carner, whose ‘sensitive and eloquent’ style of music invites intimacy even in the largest of crowds.

A J Tracey’s seamlessly intricate flow is delivered over rock-inspired trap music and Jurassic 5 legend Chali 2na plays alongside renowned turntablist Krafty Kuts for a packed set of classic hip hop.

Straddling grime and bashment Donae’o’s vocals over back-bending beats will supply carnival vibes, and, fresh from grime collective The Square, Elf Kid’s rhymes are relentless.

Amy Becker’s fierce production has unequivocally secured her a place on the map of those to watch and Eva Lazarus, a name almost synonymous with Boomtown, presents her highly-anticipated EP alongside The Afronaughts…expect big hair, big harmonies and big vibes.

Chris Munky spins everything from trip hop to soul with MC Inja leaving no genre unturned.

Never far from the party, relentless energy from the Bassline Circus crew will be delighting passers by with mind-boggling stunts fitting of an urban playground.

Raised eyes will find breathtaking parkour, streetdance, and breakdancing around the arena, showcasing the diverse range of cultural influences on offer throughout the district.

This is the penultimate of Boomtown’s line up announcements before the big finale – Bang Hai Tower – which is to be released next Wednesday at 1pm!

Tickets available from

Tier 1 – £155.00 Sold Out

Tier 2 – £170.00 Sold Out
Tier 3 – £195.00 Buy here

Teen Tickets – £155.00

12s and under – FREE

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3 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Who noticed Bang-Hai Industries' plans for mass re-development in Oldtown this year? Seems like some of the citizens weren't too happy about it...!

Did you speak to any BHI construction workers about their plans? Did you visit The Inconvenience Superstore - now under ownership of Bang-Hai Corporation...? Or were you a part of the #SaveOldTown protest?

📷 by Jody Hartley Photography

#BoomtownCH9 #BehindTheMask
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Who noticed Bang-Hai Industries plans for mass re-development in Oldtown this year? Seems like some of the citizens werent too happy about it...! 

Did you speak to any BHI construction workers about their plans? Did you visit The Inconvenience Superstore - now under ownership of Bang-Hai Corporation...? Or were you a part of the #SaveOldTown protest?

📷  by Jody Hartley Photography

#BoomtownCH9 #BehindTheMask


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We would surely rather die than sell our souls to bhi! 👊

Kyle Gardner Tommy Lee Ryan Astwood Jade Curran Katy Curran renovations for dayz

David Kelk

Sam Garwood

Tell them to get their grubby little mits away from old town!!

Kyle Dalby 😐 bye bye 👋 old town

Depends if they build a new jolly dodger.

You lot wait, soon Oldtown will be tidied up and them filthy rotten scoundrels and pirates will be a thing of the past! Viva Bang-hai Industries!

Is it just me or was everyone in that shop an actual cunt?

I saw those bang-hai bastards alright!

I think change is good We stand with Bhi EVOLUTION NOT REVOLUTION (stolen from partridge) x

We protested against the gentrification of Oldtown. 😠

Doris Doolally, myself and the rest of the Olbitches held a protest at Doris Dodo's Olbitchuary Office on Saturday. KEEP OLDTOWN OLD! 👍

Adam Paterson this is what I was in about!

I told that head honcho bloke he reminded me of mike Ashley told him no to zero hour contracts NO

No but is it true lionsden is moving???

Bang hai can stay out of old town. It's perfect just the way it is!

Rage Against the BHI Machine.

I have it on good authority that the are planning to develop Lost Vegas. Out with the old in with the new

Emma Rochford seriously considering a near sober boomtown next year to enjoy all the quests n shit

Kieran MacKay called it

Yeah, I asked a hard-hat what music would they would play in Old Town if under Bang Hai order and he said 'Any music you like..' I wasn't convinced. He did however help me find a helpful lady in a top hat 😉🎩✊️💸


Adam Denison Emily Dyas you're famous!

Liam Brocklehurst, Sebastian Jerom Moederle-Lumb, Rob Smith, James Loggie, Josh Timmons, Elliot Hutchinson, Archie Pheby McGarvey, Grace Smith, Sophie Fearby, Harry Hutchinson

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1 week ago

Boomtown Fair

Re-experience Boomtown Chapter 9: 'Behind the Mask' with the official 2017 after-film...


During the 2nd week in August 60,000 people ​travelled from across the globe to the stunning National Park in Hampshire, UK ​to become a character in Boomtown's ever evolving story...

The result.... we made the biggest theatrical music experience on earth! xx


Track list:
Jus Now - Dun D Place
Ferocious Dog - Gallows Justice
Skindred - Kill the Power
Juanafe - La Makinita
Volatile Cycle, Barbarix & Block Dodger - Behind The Mask (Free download:

Filmed, directed & edited by Clockwise Media Ltd. / Skewiff
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Zoe Apricot

Joe Quinn Kooky Corz

Unforgettable memories <3

Hannah WilderSam WrightNathan CoxKris GregoryOwen Gardner

Ashley Lewis Owen Powell Jamie Durban

Tom Mills Stephen Leedell Martin Zipfell

Jamie Avi Tom Thomas Saskia Louie Joel Marie Joe Fay Oscar

Nicola Hall Liv Grange Gracjan Slowinski

Liz Taylor Martin Coco Courtney Laura Howard Toby Prior

Dominique Clark

Ben Keedwell Bayley Howard Toby Park Danny Crook Lewis White

Rosie William Mubiyna Juanita Sydney Aaron Damian Jamez Mollie

Ben Higgs Sean Watters Jordan West Jon-Joe Mcgrath

Brucee Crutch Utah Amy Grocock

Jess Joury George Ralph Dunn

Samantha Carlisle Sophie Pfeiffer Toby Carlisle Will Scott



Robbie Reynolds James Sanderson

Shannon Lethaby

Todd Spiers

Harley Light Bootstrap Bill El Mole

Nick Clarke Gabriel Floyd

Harry Hibbert Henry Rawlinson

Gabbie Smith

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Alfresco Disco / Ben Ufo & Mr Scruff & Joy Orbison / Boddika / Bodhi / Booka Shade – Live / Boys Noize / Carl Craig / Dave Clarke / dusky / House Gospel Choir / Monki / Solardo

Poco Loco

Aj Tracey / Amy Becker / Asian Hawk / Bobbie Johnson / Chali2na & Krafty Kuts / CW Jones / Deadplayers Vs Problem Child / Donae’o / Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon / Elf Kid / Ellis eade / Eva Lazarus / Gardna showcase Parly B, Inja, J-man / IAMDDB / Inja / Jungle Brown / LayFullStop / Loyle Carner / Taiwan MC / Mr Thing / My Bad Sister / Ocean Wisdom / The Four Owls

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