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Hello again. I’ve had at least a MILLION calls and emails today asking questions that are all covered on FAQ page on our website at
It’s very nice to chat and correspond with people, but I’ve got an awful lot of things to do…
Here’s the schedule again, here’s ANOTHER apology for LAST YEAR’s toilets, and above is link to the website and the FAQ page within. Any questions please go there first. If your question is not answered there by all means email for info. Thank you, Merci, Danke, Ta πŸ™‚

A New Day Festival


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3 days ago

A New Day Festival

A New Day, August 3-5 2018
Some more excellent additions to the line up:
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Bernie Torme
Blackbeards Tea Party
more to follow πŸ™‚
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Is there going to be a kids area? I didn't come this year as a result.

Oh brilliant. Arthur Brown will make my festival

Alan McGurk

Arthur Brown and Bernie Torme fantastic

Yay Arthur Brown rocks !

Saw Blackbeards Tea Party @ Croperdy. Great live band! πŸ‘

How do we book? It says Book Here but then it refers you to the 2017 booking page - do we just download the form and mail it off with payment?

Hopefully some more lights around the toilet area to meet things safer next year too please

Stewart Elcomb Eve Elcomb

Ian will you be there?


Arthur Brown is ALWAYS a welcome addition!

Bernie Torme! Fantastic!

Arthur brown was fantastic again s few weeks ago, a welcome addition

Arthur Brown

Would love IO EARTH to return. Loved them this year

didi would be cheapish

Arthur Brown? All we need now is Syd Arthur

Crazy World of Arthur Brown! AND just got better

Looking forward to it ..

IOEarth a must for 2018 !!!

How about Cats in Space?

We loved Arthur Brown at Skeggy ❀ Martin & Maudie xx

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4 days ago

A New Day Festival

Kaz Hawkins
Lipstick & Cocaine - The song that saved me. ❀ UPDATE --- 100,000 views in 3 days πŸ‘ #goingviral ❀️

The story goes.. I was a drug addict, I wanted to die, I was depressed, I was being beaten to near death by an ex partner. A policeman rescued me. A doctor helped me heal & when I lay dying on the floor my mothers face came to me from the grave and said "you can do this, it's just one more fight".

I then fought harder than I ever had, to LIVE, because #music was my destiny.

This video footage is taken from rehearsing my song at home to my album launch at Belfast Cathedral & Park Avenue Hotel at EastSide Arts with my dear friend Sam York on piano and filmed by my best friend Stephen Mullan who has captured my life on film as I grow. With special thanks to Daniel Ramsay - Freelance Engineer for the sound recording at Park Avenue Hotel.

PLEASE talk to someone about #depression or anything that you are going through. Don't think your worth is being beaten or brainwashed into submission & don't ever think that this world would be better without you! I am proof that life can be wonderful.

This song is for all those who dare to speak up against such things. As hard as it is to sing it, I wrote it for my own recovery but also for you, YOU who are fighting the fight.

Thanks to all my fans & friends who shared these special moments with me. We cried together and you kept me strong.

If you need advice on anything I have posted please do not stay silent.

Northern Ireland national charity for #depression is Aware NI

#Watch on YouTube
#Amazon Music

Physical copies available from

With all my love #midnightupload #defeatdepression #itsoktotalk #depressionawareness
Kaz ❀

β€” Products shown: Don't You Know.
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Kaz Hawkins


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Very special lady.

I was fortunate enough to come across this amazing lady at a music festival ..... she was the highlight for me and I have been enjoying her music ever since β€οΈπŸ™πŸΎ



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  1. Last year we were able to unload our camping gear from our car on the campsite then move it to the car park. Will this be possible this year?

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    James Rees

    Will there be biscuits available? Specifically custard creams? If not do we have to bring our own?

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    Rebecca Rees

    Can I bring my tortoise? It will be muzzled and on a lead.

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    James Rees

    are their toilet’s

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    Ian Will

    About 2 miles down the road, is that close enough?

  6. Why is there no kids area this year?

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    Paula Kerrigan

    Is there a disabled parking area

  8. Great lineup, but why Big Country they’re plain irritating!

  9. Is there a site map? I cannot find one on the site. How far are the two stages apart?

  10. Is there going to be breakfast facilities this year . As you either had to drive out if you don’t have your own cooking stuff or wait till the arenas open which is late every day?? Easy to cook breakfast first day but then no fridge you can’t keep ya bacon and bangers cool ??

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    Wayne Morley

    Dee Morley Jamie Paton


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