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When will stage times be released?

Stage times are available NOW on the line up section of the website and within the official Download app.

Can I upgrade my Arena or Day Ticket to camping 3 Day or 5 Day?

Yes! You can upgrade your Arena Ticket to 3 night camping for £30, or 5 night camping for just £40. If you’ve got 3 day camping, you can upgrade to 5 night for just £15. Just visit the Box Office on site to upgrade your tickets.

My tickets, locker or Zippo lighter hasn’t arrived. What now?

Don’t panic, please contact your ticket provider regarding your tickets. They will be able to assist tracking them or organising Box Office collection.

If you have pre-ordered a limited edition Download Zippo lighter you should have now received an email from Ticketmaster containing details of your purchase, which you can print and take with you to the Zippo Encore stand to collect your lighter at the festival. If you have not received an email please bring ID with you to the Zippo Encore stand and relay your email address to Zippo staff at the collection point to collect your lighter.

If you’re yet to receive your locker ticket, please bring your booking reference and ID with you. They will be able to confirm your details and issue you with your locker.

I can’t purchase a car parking ticket online! What now?

You can purchase car parking when you get to the festival site for £25.

What time does the car park/arena open?

The campsites will be open from 12noon on Wednesday 7th June with the car park opening at 7am the same day.

The Arena will open at 12 on Friday 9th June and 10am on Saturday 10th June and Sunday 11th June.

Can I bring a bag into the Arena?

We strongly advise you do not bring a bag into the Arena at Download as there will be long queues while all bags are searched. For more information on our increased security and search procedures, please see here.

If you have any more questions or concerns, send us a Tweet @DownloadFest and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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There's NO EXCUSE to miss Download 2018!! Get your tickets 👉 ... See MoreSee Less

Theres NO EXCUSE to miss Download 2018!! Get your tickets 👉


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Julian Hutchings

Matthew Keeling

Laurie Grisdale

Aaron Humphryes

Naomi Arnold

You tell me who's headlining then I'll buy tickets 🤘🏻😂🍺

Gemma, Grant 😂

Dewis Davies Jess Gunter

Mat Evans Zoe Scarlett Sheehan

Kaia'taiéri Kyah Montour

Not until you announce some bands!

Can we stop with cringe posts like this? I'd buy tickets to even the worst line up ever if you did <3

Gaz Walwyn

Paige Dobson this is legit us next year at download

Amy 😂😂😂

Ross Gibson

Trivium, Ghost, Def leppard, foos, priest again. Perhaps


Josh Wilford

JustJack Harrison when you graduate eventually

Ed Cook Tom Goodwin

Jake Pike That year we had a media exam then went straight to download.

Drew Lightowlers

Caitlin Wilkins reminds me of our earlier convo 😂

Wesley Crawford Zack Attack Marston Calvin Green Sam Logue - no excuses next year lads!

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3 days ago

Download Festival

Did you make any new #DLbestmates at Download this year?! 🤘🤘 ... See MoreSee Less

Did you make any new #DLbestmates at Download this year?! 🤘🤘


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Pero Anđelić and Ron Mcgill


James Tanner and Jamie Rebecca Tanner! Mairi Stewart and Ellie Josey are our #dlbestmates from last year x

Dan Williams Margot Williams van Riel we met Opie!

Keiron Luty Liam Leash Jake Jacobs Owen Trott Luke Daniel Brock

Chris Holmes

Mark McGuiggan

DL 2014 I met an amazing bird Tanya Scatty Breach who is now my fiance and we go every year as our anniversary

Laura we will reunite!

Alice Jardine Jack Ryland-Smith Jonathan Davies Craig Thompsett 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🍻🍻

Jacqueline Cole

Kerry Ann Cavanagh 😘😘

Ste Corcoran ❤

Dave Anthony there were a few "stunning" mates 😂😂😂

Scott Scooter Gartland Tony Davies Ben Cowley Gavin Battson Luke Pendleton Oh hell yeah.

I met my husband at download 2009

Yep I made several . Samantha Sturdy Lisa Allinson Daisy Timms Mark Markieboy Mcadam Holly Monger Alex Nolan Justin John Ashman Sean Clarke and few more that aren't on Facebook.

Martha Richmond Matt J. F. Robinson Next year I'll join ya camping ✌🏻


Mollie 😘 the things you find while drunk and bollock naked in a field eh? 🖤💜

Stewart Hill , Charlene Waller & Michael Waller 😘👌🏻❤️

Kelly Sykes Jonnie Allman Jakey Souter Charlie Pownall Oj Smith Declan Sumner

Made a few more friends in Camp Loner this year 😀

Yes and we reunite at stone sour in december

Oscar Withers

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