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“It’s clear from the moment you enter the main gates and are greeted by grinning disco dancers dishing out candy floss, that this isn’t your average festival.” – who spotted us in The Independent today?

There were some unforgettable sets at Shambala Festival – review

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to attend a whole raft of UK festivals – from chic boutique to mainstream madness, city-centre to country escapes. Yet, on this showing, nothing is a patch on Shambala. I’d argue that an ideal festival should be about leaving your 9-5 behind, letting go of your…

Shambala Festival


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5 days ago

Shambala Festival

Oof! In love with this shot of our closing ceremony, captured by Guy Reece (Striking Faces) ... See MoreSee Less

Oof! In love with this shot of our closing ceremony, captured by Guy Reece (Striking Faces)


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Amazing show I was blown away...cried a few tears as usual 😂 beautifully performed and the music was great too xx

Best closing performance I've ever seen 🦁🦁

That lady was nails....

Was truly amazing 💚

Can everyone sit down so I can see this photo!!

Didn't get to see it, got to see the fireworks though. To far back from the lake edge so see anything

Always looks good over the lake.

Incredible. The best closing ceremony ever <3 so emotional. Thank you

Julian Bracey

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    Mateo Qox

    But surely we must try and stop these stories….? Sold out every year and full of the most beautiful people…. they’re what make Shambala such a special place. Punter to Directors…. the people don’t need to change!!!!

  2. Great write up reflecting what makes Shambala so unique and special! I echo may it long reign! ❤️

  3. Oh shit we’ve been spotted, better change the name!

  4. George Wilson such a perfect summary of shambala, and i miss it there 🙁

  5. haha, I want to share this, because it is all true, but I also don’t want to people that go to Shambala to change 😂

  6. please let there be no truth the rumor you’ve been bought by Festival Republic!!!!

  7. Love the review, but also want it to still be our little secret place… sounds selfish I know, but I’d hate for it to get any bigger! X

  8. Jas Bansal Sukhi Bansal Jake Singleton ❤️🦄🥂

  9. Was my first ever festival for me an my daughter, an we absolutely loved shambala, defo be back again nxt year, fabulous place, fabulous people xx

  10. after seeing reveiws of secret garden party like this in the press, and then watching it the crowd change from colourful wonderful people to `joe bloggs and rampant youth off their heads on ket, i really hope Shambala can stay as it is.
    After finding you 2 years ago and thinking, this is it, just like sgp used to be ten years ago, we’ve found our new home, im dreading it going the same way


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