In a world of confusion, media bombardment and mixed messages, it’s good to know the great philosophers tradition still exists. We have got two of the World’s great deep thinkers of today together around a microphone to discuss global events, ideological dilemmas and forgotten characters from Gladiators.

Angelos Epithemiou, fresh from TV’s Shooting Stars and local pensioner Barry from Watford from BBC Radio 2′s Steve Wright (not forgetting his work with Iain Lee) will be here every week with different topics to analyse, the issues that are on your mind.

The Angelos and Barry Show is a weekly podcast available on iTunes, Soundcloud and RSS.



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Nope I'm saving them for my big binge of episodes! Can't wait so special so needs a fitting time to listen to them all

Saving them for a big sesh on the kestrel super strength, funniest duo since Pete & Dudley !!!

Sorry not yet. I've been busy selling facelifts door to door. Not easy.

Yeah, loving the songs 😛

Yes, looking forward to the next. I need a giggle.

yup, apart from the early ones that wont play for me for some reason.. 🙂

No...they were too quick for me.

Nope I've just discovered Cannon and Ball. Rock on Tommy PMFL.

Yes, and I want more. You're like crack! CRAAACK!

Yes dear

I gave up after the first

Are they in colour?

might have...

I have. Disgusting. When's the next one?


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If I said you had a beautiful body...

would you help me to bury it?
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Yes, but I would also hold it against you.

Nice offer but it's my murder victim and the burying is half of the pleasure

Only if you invite Clinton REAL Clinton Baptiste to give us a hand.

Only if you treat me like a devil tonight....

Not after last time. I was rolling that lawn for months.

Ok. But you are bringing your own spade.

Depends, what in ?


Bury myself?

Nicola Price

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