Barry Gibb – Glastonbury 2017



Barry Gibb – 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' – Glastonbury …

Barry Gibb – 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' – Glastonbury 2017

Posted by Barry Gibb on Monday, 26 June 2017


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Barry Gibb

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Perfect.... still beautiful.... no matter how many times I hear your music, I will never tire of it. Thank you Barry Gibb for the wonderful music you have shared with us all.

Thank you Barry Gibb for continuing to grace us with your marvelous talent. This song is so beautiful, God Bless the BeeGees and you !!

Barry Gibb you and your brothers have shared your music for years for us to enjoy, thank you. I will cherish all your songs for many more years to come

My World and Words are my 2 all-time favorite songs. Thank You Barry, Robin and Maurice for the music! Bee Gees forever! I hope to see you all in heaven someday!

I've always loved the Bee Gees music Barry you have been an idol of mine ever since I was a little girl, you sexy thing you, but asides that you & Robin & Maurice have always been great singers & I've always loved your songs Love you all I know some are not with us now, but maybe we shall see you all in heaven one sweet day. Your music lives on.

Barry, Thank you, does not seem enough for the happiness and joy you, Maurice and Robin, have brought to us all When I hear your amazing voice, I stop wherever I am and listen. You have shown such dedication and love of your Music, always, however, it has still shone through since you lost your brothers. I wish you good health, happiness and contentment in all you do. THANK YOU? 🎶♥️🎼🌹🎹🎸🎵

Barry excellent concert, God bless you with great health and always have in time your beautiful music full of love and energy. Thank you.BACIONI

Amazing -especially the reaction from the crowd.😇

A true legend and master of musical composition and emotion.

love to start the day with Great music!!

Gracias por tu amor a la música y por tener siempre a tus hermanos presentes.Estas en mi corazón.Que Dios te bendiga y te de larga vida.

Muito obrigado por partilhar seu sucesso conosco, vocês serão eternos em nossos corações,❤😘💙👏👏

Mil gracias .gracias alegra mucho mi corazón encanta GRACIAS GRACIAS

Sempre cantando lindamente.Obrigada por embalar meus sonhos por todos esses anos!

Nice going Old Chap - 🙂 Your music has been the soundtrack of my life since 1968

Thank you Barry you,re the BEST God Bless xxx

Barry ..saludos desde Guadalajara, México...cancion favorita de mi esposa...super..un fuerte abrazo....bless You

Barry, is this really you?

I love you, Barry Gibb! ❤️

Best song ever ! Brazil loves you.

Best song ever💝

My favourite Bee Gees song Words

Beautiful song 💖

It brings a tear to me.... Love it.

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1 day ago

Barry Gibb

Stayin 'Alive ! In honor of the 40th anniversary of "Saturday Night Fever," the official soundtrack will be re-released in deluxe edition on November 17th! #SaturdayNightFever 40th

Bee Gees - Stayin 'Alive

40 Years To Saturday Night Fever
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To all of us feeling old because we were there when this music came out: isn't it wonderful though to have "stayed alive" 40 yrs to see it reappear?

Since, when i was young my favorite groups of singer "BEE GEES" now im turning 54 next year,but the "BEE GEES", will always remain in my heart,and i keep on playing every now and then, i l love BEE GEES.forever. hello sir BARRY GIBB.

Every day....every single day....I have to play this for my macaw so he can sing and dance to it. It's his favorite. He's a huge fan. Wonder how that happened? Hahaha.

WOW, my fav video. Barry, the most gorgeous man on this earth, the most talented group ever. They have been my fav since the beginning, especially Barry. <3

I don’t feel old enough for it to be the 40th anniversary, it seems like yesterday when it was released

No unreleased outakes on this deluxe edition but just 4 modern remixes? What about the version of Stayin' Alive with the slowed down bridge? A missed opportunity

Essa canção Eternizou pelo mundo ! E ainda contagía os Jovens nos dias de hoje! Com a Bateria no Rítimo da Batida do coração! E com toque da guitarra elevando o Rítmo da canção...e com Vocais com vozes em falsset agúdo ,sendo cantado em perfeita armônia. Isso faz essa canção se tornar Fatalmente ELETRIZANTE.

This were some of the best times for me, at 17 years old back then we were in school, working, and disco dancing.... loved every minute of it thanks to these wonderful guy! Loved you then and love you now. Thanks!

I will always love the Bee Gees...I remember hearing this stuff on my Aunt's RSO 45's...If you sit still listening to this stuff you're dead...Classic timeless music that's all there is to it...

OMG, I remember my gf and I going to see the movie when it first opened. We went back again and again, loved the music and the dancing

No one has to read the comments to know almost all of us are so E-X-C-I-T-E-D to know this for our Thanksgiving family celebration in November. Everyone will be dancing and reminiscing about our joyful past and continued appreciation of the Bee Gees. Again, this is "fan" tastic. 😘

Maria Young...40 years since we pretended to be over 15 to get into the Regent! Still love this movie and soundtrack. X

Thank you for sharing this with your fans! So many are waiting anxiously for the day it will be available. Much love and respect for Barry, always!

Barry Gibb, you need to listen to the mash up of this song, mashed with AC/DC...Its pretty cool...P.S. There will never ever be another band like you and the Brothers Gibb, those unique voices will go down in history, Ive been a fan since i was a little girl, born and raised in Wales,UK.....Living near Nashville TN...been a fan for over 40 yrs.....God Bless Barry Gibb.

Got to see the them in concert at MGM Grand in Las Vegas! One of the best concerts ever. Don't think I sat down at all😍

Thanks Barry for posting this. I've been a Bee Gees fan for many years and your music sounds better each time I listen to it. I've preordered my soundtrack ❤️

Deluxe edition usually means that includes bonus tracks and previously unreleased titles ... let's hope !

A time in my early years I'll never forget! Thank you Bee Gees! God bless you Barry and your entire family!!! ✞

Went this song came out,I was 14 years older,I watched this video did not look at this video with that I am older I watch the video ,it is not a big thing anymore, the background building in abandoned, Windows is a crappie video now 40 years later

The music will never die love the Bee Gee's. Let's not forget Andy

40 years? My goodness I feel old those Bee Gees

40 years ago already😲 Barry was my favorite also 😊

My fav !! Well I say that about all of them lol

I hope for the second generation of The Bee Gees

I just posted this is a Bee Gees Day. Wow found this text!!

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