The Pretenders (Glastonbury 2017)

An inspired booking, The Pretenders were a brilliant act to open the Other Stage, with Chrissie Hynde in full flow with relaxed banter between hit after hit of classic guitar-based rock and roll.


Martin Chambers at Glastonbury

Posted by Pretenders on Saturday, 24 June 2017


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Ringo's childhood home ....
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There’s something lovely about the fact that even a renowned musician is in awe of The Beatles. May you never lose that sense of wonder, Chrissie.

Hope you had a great time in Liverpool as we did at the show last night. You were AWESOME. Hope you can keep your word to come back again as it would be great to have you play here again. Thanks again for a great night! 💗 to you all.

One of my other heroes is Todd Rundgren. A kid asked him who was the coolest musician he ever played with. He answered "Well I play with Ringo and I think that is pretty cool."

Hi Chrissy, I seen you at the Agua Calienta Casino just past Palm Springs years ago, you were great, thanks for all your wonderful music, hope your doing well, God bless

Brilliant show in Liverpool last night!!!! Loved your tribute to the Beatles with "Tomorrow never knows" 😍👍🏻

Still in awe off the Newcastle venue, even better than the last time. don't leave it so long next time 😎🎶

I just heard her version of "Not A Second Time" on the Syrius Beatles channel the other day. Great cover. Faithful.

Funny, I thought it looked like Cleveland.

Amazing show last night still buzzing please come back very soon xx

Yeah but is there a Swenson*s?

I’ve been there, along with trips to Paul’s, John’s George’s homes Penny Lane Strawberry Fields. It’s all magical

Missed your show when u had to cancel Miami - hope u come back - Cheers Chrissie

Have a great time in Liverpool. We had amazing time in Birmingham thank you xx

It was always the Stones for me.

That's one of his homes. The other is near by.

Someone's knockin at the door..?

Fantastic show last night! Come back soon, guys!!! Xx

Looks like a great place to sit and eat a burger 🙂

Been there done that Konrad Cheung

You are such a badass, love it



Your just so cool!!!

Very good shot

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