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2 months ago

Y Not Festival

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Sorry but that's not really good enough!! Everything we went to the festival for wasn't actually there. Clean bandit performed 4 songs rather than 1 hour and half slot they were supposed to be on for. The vaccines cancelled completely! Acts rescheduled without proper notice so again missed what we wanted. All of which was advertised to us and wasn't delivered so to me that's a breach of contract clearly considering contingencies should have been in place! Full refund was the only acceptable answer.... useless theiving buggers still pocketing off of it by keeping 50%.... good job you bunch of useless fools!

50% refund is perfectly acceptable and more than expected to be honest. Whilst there was a lot of issues, no one is due a full refund, apart from those with specific indvidual cases (Disabled Guest's where more provisions should have been made etc). Sensible option YNOT, well done.

50% back for going Friday and leaving Saturday morning and not seeing one act.....No pal Β£50 to sleep in a shitty field with shitty toilets..... I'd spend less holidaying for the night in Cornwall. Not good enough. You have insurance pay up for your fuck it

So 2/3 of the festival has been cancelled and we only get 50% back. They can do one!!

Which of these promises were met?! Nothing short of a full refund of the VIP element of the ticket is as good as theft.

So refunds are given back to the card the tickets were bought on. So what happens if you bought a ticket then sold it on?

Can you just make sure next year that family camping is family camping and not a free for all .. Book family camping expect family camping ... No groups of teenagers wasted .. Don't get me wrong been there done that and I go Leeds every year expect that but when I take my kids I expect them to be in a safe environment .. Book family camping for a reason !!!!!A proper enclosed campsite like previous years with security towers and family campsite wristbands and not as far away as possible from arena watched parents dragging tiny kids all the way home crying !!!

Should have a system where you send your weekend wristband off to claim a refund! So many sold on by third parties, some that genuinely couldn't go but they're quids in now!

Can't believe people are demanding a full refund. If anything you should be getting a 33% refund. 50% refund is more than fair. There's still costs to be covered (i.e. Band fees for the ones that did play) Glad to see they're not giving up either and returning next year. Fair play Y Not!

Furious!!!! 😑😑😑 I didn't even go but I'm just gonna jump on the band wagon!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

No fucking way, I am taking this further! We only saw 1 on the headliners, I expect 2/3 refund in my ticket and as far as glamping is concerned, I expect a full refund! You supplied a tent and a bed, no security, no VIP parking, broken toilets, no food stands, dangerous conditions to get to main stage! Β£1000 for 8 people, I don't think so! Full refund now!

Still haven't received refund. Has anyone else still waiting or even received any as of yet?

Are you mad? This is an absolute joke! Not only did I not get to see the bands I was promised, I also spent most of my time next to groups of people doing drugs rught in front of me, the amount of security guards there doing nothing about anything was a joke, most of them did nothing while the other half took drugs off people and sold them, themselves, the amount of people there without wrist bands on and got entry without a ticket whilst other people were paying Β£130 a ticket was also laughable. Absolute joke a full refund should be issued, and your company 'Global' should be bankrupt. The worst experience I've ever had.

Considering over "half" of the line up played and people stayed at the festival for over "half" of the amount of time ... "half" of the money back is more than reasonable. It was a British festival in the summer, expect bad weather. I could understand if people had booked into a five star hotel and got this. Well played YNOT. Onwards and upwards next year. πŸ‘

Jesus u moaning bunch. 50% well acceptable. These things happen. Learn and move on. U pay 50 quid to watch one band. U had a half weekend. Get a grip.

We would have far more respect if you told the truth. The weather was not a problem it was the lack of staff resources etc as corners were cut. eg. The joke of a main stage no tracks in the car park to name but a few things. The Police shut you down because it wasn't safe.... just tell it how it was and we'd trust you to put it right if there is another time?

Discussing with my girlfriend what we felt was an acceptable refund amount post event and we said 50% was fair, so pleased you came to the same conclusion. We missed one day so that would be about 30% 5% for loss of headline act, 5% for main stage messing on Saturday and 10% as compensation for your poor management of the weather conditions, lack of staff etc. 50% is reasonable and fair. Thank you. Now you just need to acknowledge and apologise for your staffing issues and you will have gone some way to restoring your credability.

Good news story of the day... I've just found this!!

Annabel Josh Abigail Not sure how much of this applies to you- or my bank account!

50% refund is a lot more than I expected. People complaining, demanding a 100% refund because they only saw 4 songs... The 50% you have paid has gone towards paying artists you have seen. Wish people understood the bands and artists they have seen still need payment as it's in their contract. All festivals have something similar to this within terms and conditions "Artists and billed attractions may be subject to change" - Leeds festival. So people cannot complain that they only saw half or, artists were cancelled. It's in the terms...

Thank you, I understand this has been difficult for everyone. See you next year xx

Does anyone know how long it's gonna take for the money to back into our accounts? X

But will you listen? Some of the problems such as the security and toilets were highlighted last year by myself and many others and you did fuck all about it for this year.

I'm happy with that I do however think that offering a 25% discount on next years tickets would be a bonus to ensure return to the festival!

50% fair outcome. The only thing people banging on about full refunds is going to do Is make Y Not go bust. The lesson is to learn from any mistakes and the move forward.

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2 months ago

Y Not Festival

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Just seen this on Twitter, pretty much sums up the weekend.

Did anyone on here book glamping?? We were reassured when we gave our card details on arrival that nothing would be taken out of our account and that it's purely there just incase there's an issue with our tent after the festival, which we left in a lovely condition just a tad muddy however we've found that they took Β£75 out on the Thursday and we haven't seen a penny of it go back in?! Not only are we as disappointed and frustrated as everyone else to lose a whole day but really feeling mugged right now!

Gonna spend my money on number 6 next year. Absolute load of crap. Had to leave a 400 quid vango tent. Because i couldn't manage it down the muddy so called paths. Loved it last year. But will not be returning again after this year

Full refund, nothing else is acceptable. You breached your contract and mis-sold the festival especially the family camping element. You compromised everyone's safety through your negligence.

It wasn't cancelled because of the weather there licence was revoked!!!!! It wasn't safe for anyone not enof staff or security!!! Must say there was wood chippings put down as saw it with my own eyes near the family camping but only took half hour and it sank in to the mud!!!! Weather can not be helped at all its British weather we was all prepared for but y not put my self and my two children in danger letting anyone come on to the family camping and piss up are tents and throw up outside are tents!!!!!!! And no bloody security to help πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š good luck for next year ynot as I'm pretty sure u won't be getting ur licence and living 10mins away from this good look getting them fields again of the farmers!!!!!!!!! πŸ‘

You didn't cancel it though did you? Didn't the police revoke your licence?

It's 1000ft above sea level. The weather is shit. Not the best place for a festival maybe? The past few years it's been horrific. All those alleging that staff were misbehaving or behaving illegally, best you have evidence cos I know the screenshots are being saved! Are you sure you are telling the absolute, verifiable in a court of law truth? Could be expensive if you are talking bollocks...

Y NOT FESTIVAL :- 1. LACK OF SECURITY :-no one patrolling camp sites/campervan fields on the Friday night we walked straight in the arena through an open entrance no one on the gates !! (Near the kids field entrance.). 2.CUT BACKS :- This year no signs in fields months before #summeriscoming etc , No where to empty chemical toilets in the campervan fields (told by the one security guy on a gate to empty in a bush !!),No Y not news paper(little things but that's what made it great),toilets not cleaned on our campervan field,no checks of the vans or can't have been of the people that came in as there was so many glass bottles !!,no straw bales to sit on in bars and arena , 3.WEATHER:- Yes it rained bad Friday but it's been that bad before if not worse but the previous owners knew how to cope and had prepared beforehand !! 3.CHANGING BAND TIMES well didn't get too see anyone we came for !! As you changed the times and the others played half sets etc !! REFUND REFUND 5 years we have been coming to YNoT and think you need to refund 75-80% or a FREE ticket for next year then you might get people back (plus do the job right!!!) or I think it will be Kendal calling for our group !!!

I've been charged the £75 for the glamping damages. We had our two young children with us. Our tent was perfect when we left it Sunday morning. Not happy when we still had a day to go ☹️☹️

Pulled apart by horses and octofunk came and played to a small crowd of fans at The Queens Head Buxton after the cancellation. Upmost respect to them.

Had to drive for four hours on Sunday to pick my son and his friends up. On the website it promised shuttle buses to Buxton and Matlock. After two hours waiting he told me there was 'a bus'.. they would have waited all day and night. Then they were told they could stay til Monday and food vendors would be there, luckily they didn't as people who stayed were posting there was no food. My son said the organisers 'didn't give a crap about anyone!' Even before the cancellation. No security , no signs on tents, changing gig times .. oh because surely people aren't there to actually 'see' the bands?? .. it sounds a shambles and you have taken people's money under false pretences . Full refund required asap.

Saw 20% of the bands I had planned to see then took 5 hours to get back to Sheffield! A refund, an apology and admitting how and why you messed things up so badly are required.

That's all your PR team can come up with after 3 days, you are an absolute joke! Sort yourselves out you absolute muppets 😑

My first ynot in 2013 had pretty awful weather but It was managed a lot better than this ! No emergency lanes marked out, struggled to find water points, left my new tent and my trolley as I couldn't get it through the mud, took us 3 hours to get back to derby ! Absolute shambles ! I saw 0 security round near us (rock and roll not far from club class) awful acoustics from the band's that did play, none of the stages were labelled ! Times changing! I've wasted Annual leave for this and wasted money and most importantly wasted my time and effort on something that has left me miserable since!! You've ruined festivals for me ! Leeds 2013 had literal rivers running through sites and that didn't cancel !!@

Most of Friday main stage cancelled, all of Sunday cancelled and shockingly bad planning and organisation. VIP camping a complete joke, 4 showers and 6 toilets for well over a thousand tents. Nothing but a full refund will be acceptable. Y NOT TRY AND SAVE YOUR REPUTATION.

Many of us have been attending ynot for years. And have seen a massive decline this year in so many aspects. There used to be security on platforms in camping keeping an eye out. Water standpipes all round site if you wanted water near a stage. Lots of security all over. It wasn't just the weather. It was a different festival. I'd say less toilets than when I first attended in 2013. Far less. And many many more people. Just less of the stuff that made the festival feel as good n safe as it did. Too many corners cut and it bit you in the ass.

For anyone that is interested. If you paid by credit card, Call your bank you can get the money back through a dispute as the event was cancelled... www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/event-tickets/event-tickets/if-the-organisers-cancel-the-event/

I had a awesome time, shame a few bands got cancelled but there was always a huge range of different genres available. The food was easily accessible, the camp I was in was fine and didn't flood too badly. Ideally they would have put straw and wood chip but I saw the weather report and prepared for the weather Some mistakes were made but I don't feel the need for a full refund as I got plenty of good music and good memories

You all realise it wasn't cancelled because of the mud right? They state adverse weather not mud. No one will get a full refund and no one is entitled to a full refund. Partial refunds at most. Anything more would bankrupt the festival. If it goes bankrupt/ into administration as a result of this then everyone receives nothing at all through the administrators.

Look at the wording on the y not statement... they cancelled the remainder of the festival on .sunday . It's in the words , they are implying we lost one day . As we all know it was a fuck up from Thursday. They are gonna wriggle out of this saying Thursday was ok , Friday most bands played , if you notice they got the key bands to play 15 to 20 minutes, apart from vaccines , they are so gonna claim that the bands performed . Sat was a washout , in unmanageable conditions. But they'll say most bands played. But we know the truth . The sound was crap , amateurish. . They are not gonna admit they lost control. But we all know . I reckon they will offer 30 quid refund. They are sneaky as fk

Imogen Smith apparently they had their licence revoked due to welfare issues πŸ˜‚

I love it when a media team start planting comments on Facebook pages. You're not changing our minds. There were rain warnings. You claimed you were prepared for this. Nobody saw any of the chippings you claimed to be using. Nobody saw the extra measures you claimed were in place. Everyone saw an unorganised load of shit. Give us our money back. You are part of Global, a large syndicate of many festivals, radio stations and entertainment ventures. Give us our fucking money back.

Talk about irony- this sums up exactly what YNot was about this year. NOT providing enough infrastructure to support the amount of people there, NOT being prepared or organised for an evacuation, NOT providing enough staff except to take alcohol off of you going into the arena and NOT being able to decide whether or not they were going to be the small festival that has won awards before or the big festival they were clearly trying to be

Can I ask a question, when was the plant to inform people there? As it was put online some people had to wait for signal, I only found out because somebody random told me and I checked with security

Your piss poor organisation was behind this more than the weather! You also do not share my frustration at just how shambolic VIP was and at the fact you basically lied. Where was the exclusive street food in the VIP.

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